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Frequently Asked Questions.

If there is no front desk, how do I sign in?

We don't believe in a front desk check-in system. Instead, you will receive a key fob upon completing your member agreement that will be scanned at the front door before each workout, allowing access in to the gym. Allowing you to get straight to your workout with no unnecessary hassles.

What happens if my key fob doesn't work?

There is a reason that your key fob stops working, if it does. Give us a call and we will sort out the issue with you as soon as possible. A majority of the time, it is a billing issue that can be fixed with a quick phone call, allowing you to still get your workout in that day.

What if I see someone else who can't get in with their key fob?

If someone can not enter the gym, whether they have a key fob or not, there is a reason. DO NOT, under any circumstance, let someone in the gym. This is for the safety and security of all members in the gym, and will result in termination of your membership with no refund and a $100 fee charged to your account.

Can I bring a friend into the gym?

NO. This is in the membership agreement as a term for termination with a fee charged to your account. The only people allowed in the gym are active members who swipe their key-fob at the door (one member for one swipe). If your friend wants to workout, they need to follow the member sign-up process and join the gym.

Are there any contracts or fees I should expect?

Absolutely not. We do not believe in contracts or hidden fees. You will only be charged for your membership, monthly, on the 1st of the month, until you terminate. However, when you initially join, you will be required to pay the first two months of membership up front and a pro-rated payment for the current month (if applicable).

What are my options for membership payments?

The monthly payment will be made on the 1st of each month using a debit or credit card through an automatic billing system. The monthly payment can not be paid in cash. However, upon signing up, the initial payment of the first two months MUST be made in cash. This is due to the increasing amount of declined credit card payments and bounced checks.

What is the key fob deposit and why am I paying it?

The key fob deposit is $20 and will be returned to you upon receiving the key fob back from you, after your termination. This is due to the amount of instances where a member did not return the key fob after termination and a non-return charge would be declined.

What is the termination policy?

Unlike most gyms, as long as you notify us, in writing (email is best) that you want to terminate your membership, by the 26th of the month, the membership will be terminated and not charged for the following month. After the 26th of the month, you will be charged for the following month with no exceptions and no refunds. Terminating your account is ultimately your responsibility.

Why do I have to terminate my membership in writing?

A written termination request protects us and yourself. A phone call or verbal termination can be forgotten or miscommunicated. It gives you a receipt to use if, in the rare case, you terminate and are still billed for a membership. An email works best, but a handwritten or typed letter can be handed in at the gym. A termination confirmation email will be sent upon your termination and can be used as a sign that the termination was successful.

I prepaid for my membership, but need a few months off. Do I lose out on those months?

Absolutely not. That is one of the benefits we are proud to share with you. You can freeze a pre-paid membership, putting it on hold for as long as you would like. There is no expiration date on those paid months. You can also transfer those paid months to another person as long as they fill out the membership agreement and follow the sign-up process.

My child is over 18 years old, but still lives at home. Can we add them to our family plan?

Unfortunately not. The family plan is designed to be for children up to 18 years old, but not over 18. However, there is an exception for local college students living at home. They will have to provide proof of enrollment in the form of a school ID, current class schedule, etc.

My husband/wife is receiving the local heroes discount, may I also?

The discount for Police, Fire, EMT, Teachers, and Students is only for those specific individuals. If you are not serving as any of those in the community, you do not receive the discount, unfortunately.

Is there daycare available at the gym?

There is no supervised daycare at the gym. There is a segregated area for kids to stay in while their parents workout, but only if the child can stay in that area without roaming the gym or touching the equipment. This is for the safety of your children. Parents are required to clean up after the child before leaving the gym. Cooperation is required and privileges will be lost without it.

Is there Wi-Fi at the gym?

One of the many benefits of your gym membership is free, high speed wi-fi throughout the gym, allowing you to stay in the loop, rock your favorite streaming playlist, send those emails, or watch your favorite show while you workout.

What can I expect with other members? Does the gym get crowded?

Our philosophy is to foster an inclusive and non-judgmental atmosphere at the gym and we will not tolerate any rude or obnoxious behavior. The gym is meant to feel like a home gym away from home for all members and we will ensure that those not following our philosophy will be terminated immediately. The gym doesn't usually get too crowded due to the 24 hour access, however peak workout times are from 5pm-7pm.


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